Sher Wagyu

The Sher family passion is to produce Wagyu beef equal to the finest quality in Japan. Each product is a culmination of 21 years development of breeding and feeding Wagyu cattle. They have combined the finest Wagyu Bloodlines with a carefully managed “conception to consumer” beef operation based in Ballan, Victoria.

Cattles are raised under the highest standards of animal husbandry as healthy happycows produce the finest beef. The cattle are grazed on clean. Green pastures on their Victorian farms. Then grain finished for 400+ days on specially formulated Japanese style barley-based ration. Ensuring the most consistent quality and delicious flavor. Cattles are fed only natural ingredients free from antibiotics, free from GM ingredients and free from growth hormones.

Sher Wagyu has been a finest and medalist for 5 years and running for the National Delicious Product Awards.