The Brandt Family is passionate about producing the most consistent , highest quality, 100 percent source verified natural beef on the market . It follows a true natural “farm to fork” operation. Brandt beef is proud to be feeding animals a vegetarian corn-based diet for more than 365 days without hormones and antibiotic free.

Brandt beef utilizes the right breed and gender of cattle. The Dutch Freisen steer fattends from the inside out. Resulting in well-marbled, tender meat. Their humane corn-fed animals produce more than prime meat.

Brandt beef received the Master Chef’s Institute Seal of Excellence for its commitment to producing a superior culinary product. It has consistently outscored competitive brands to date in the categories of taste, texture and tenderness. Brandt is the only beef producer to receive the Seal of Excellence. Among the top chefs who embrace Brandt beef are Gordon Ramsay, Tom Colicchio, Guy Kunz, Michael Lomanaco, Mario Battali and Jay Murray.